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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Supreme Destiny: The Story (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of Supreme Destiny: The Story. Please read Part 1 at

You look up expecting to see Hel, the Goddess of Death. Instead, a female form stretches out her hands, and with a firm grasp on your arm, she pulls you up. Dark raven hair framed her pale face, but she was no mistress of the underworld... her warm smile told you that. For a brief moment, you see the image of the grateful warrior reflected in her beautiful eyes.

Swirling clouds and flashes of movement coalesced into images of another figure speeding through a dark forest. This combatant was not decked in hard metal armor. Instead, he is clothed in soft animal leather with the head of a lion as his helm. A mob of aggressive creatures are pursuing him furiously. He rusn into the middle of a clearing, and stepped into an ambush. Would he share the same fate as the mighty warrior?

As if to answer your question, the fighter swiftly transformed into a gigantic black bear and decimated his enemies with sheer ferocity, powerful arms, teeth and claw. Could he be one of the legendary druids? You find this utterly remarkable!

The dream fades to replaced by another. You see the three heroes marching up a hill overlooking a village. A quaint hamlet that seemed familiar even though you had never laid eyes on it before.

The three companions stood for a moment on the hillock, and watched as a large shadow began to spread across the landscape and the village. Across the valley, thick black clouds formed menacingly in the sky while a figure in dark robes stood in the center of the tempest. You feel the hairs on your neck stand. Magic! You feel the intense power building up as the dark robed man makes complex gestures with his glowing hands. And from out of the ether, he summons a magnificent but terrible dragon! The creature breaths in and exhales unleashing a torrent of terrible fire and destruction all around. The village is consumed in a terrible furnace burning brick, mortar, wood, stone and flesh. All traces of life are annihilated…

Or so you think... The dream fades after that.

Still standing in the town square, you ponder the significance of the dream for a moment. The city noise brings you out of your reverie, and you look towards the racket that seems to grow louder every minute. A huge crowd of people are gathering at the gate on the east side of town. From the chatter, you manage to hear something being muttered about wild boars lurking outside the town. Naturally, curiosity takes over and you walk to the milling crowd to inspect.

" Training grounds", the sign read. Above the murmurings of the crowd, you hear cries of boars and a few other unrecognizable animals from beyond the gate. Looking at the note in your hand again, you read the same line which you have done a hundred times before: "Achieve your Supreme Destiny". As you read the last word, you feel something different and the hairs on your neck rise! Smoke starts issuing from the note and you quickly drop it lest your fingers be burned. How in Hekaloth did it catch fire? There wasn't a flame-brand around for yards. As the smoke finally disappears, you quickly retrieve the note from the ground and looked at it in amazement. There was now a strange symbol on the back of the note: two golden letters spelling S and D, surrounded by intricate silvery-grey knots.

You ponder what just happened. If this is some sort of omen, then it is as clear as someone who had just yelled to your ear what you were supposed to do. But then, omens were never a good way of telling what needed to be done. Still, this has firmed your resolve. You take your frail weapon out of your pack, swinging it around a few times to test its heft and balance. Then you take your meager rations and potions.

Roasted boar sounds good to you and it's almost dinner time anyway. You chuckle to yourself as you head out to the gate.

The Age of Glory and the Great Heavenly War

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